Fortune Lounge Casino has always offered the best services for the visitors of their casinos. Today it operates more than 8 casinos, including popular bingo and poker halls. The demand for high-quality casino games is still high, and people are always struggling to find something better for their gambling.

New games appear all the time, and some of the games are forgotten. The same happens with some of casinos. There is great number of places which appeared in early 00 and most of them cannot be compared with those new-brand sites which appear now. None of the gambling houses wants to be closed just because of the lack of players, that is why many old casinos are now closed when they are still in great demand.

Pieces of History

For a long period of time Desert Dollar Online Casino was a place where all the casino gamblers passed their time. Great choice of the games allowed them to enjoy each moment spent there, and due to the high payouts and winning rates playing was even more interesting. Even new visitors won playing there, and probably that has made them avid gamblers.

Just a few years ago anyone can find their site and get all necessary information on how to become their member. Today everything is quite different. When you visit, and official website of the casino, you just see a san announcement about casino closure.

According to the casino reviews that was a place which had all the traces of Fortune Lounge Casino group – huge bonuses and great customer services. Newest games by Microgaming ensured gambling process and players return to this casino all the time, as the services were of such high quality that none of the casinos could be compared to them.

Where to Play Now?

As well as Vegas Towers, Desert Dollar casino stopped its working because of the necessity to give a road to other gambling places, which now replace them being the best offers at the modern gambling markets. Four of casinos of Fortune Lounge Casino group are now the ancestors of Desert Dollar and you can play at any of them. In case you have an account at that casino you can transfer it to any other of Fortune Lounge Casino group.

Dessert Dollar casino appeared at 2003 and run until 2013. Some players are sure that none of the existing casinos can replace this one which had always being the best gambling site for Wild West theme lovers.