Do you know who the Osbournes are? Have you ever watched their MTV show The Osbournes? One of the most scandalous family in the USA are now starring at slot machines. Kelly and Jack are now grown-ups, but we remember them to be teenagers who could destroy everything. Just like their father!

The Osbourne’s video slot machine game features the British heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his equally famous family Sharon his wife and children Jack and his daughter Kelly who is following in his footsteps as a singer.

The Osbourne’s first made a TV-show with the whole family starring so it is not surprising that they would extend their fortune by having their own Slot game.

On the other hand, the movie exposed some of the family’s not so good lifestyle and people became aware the Ozzy was mostly stoned during filming. But who cares when you can watch life of the famous musician? Today youth like to watch Kardashian family, but we do remember time when everyone was adore with Osbournes lifestyle.

Game Symbols and Bonuses

Now you can refresh all the memories about TV show playing slot game. The game also gives you an inside view of this family and their lifestyle and the music that made Ozzy famous. But with the game all you need to keep in mind is meaning of symbols.

You will want to look out for Mini the dog that will trigger a free spin trail bonus. You can also trigger the Knock Knock Bonus with the ‘Knocker Symbol’ that triggers a bonus feature that will award a mystery multiplier. You can also Grab a Gift bonus, that allows you to test you skills and stop on the gift you want- which awards in a range of multipliers.

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